Monday 13 February 2012

Hurstbridge Helper...

Sorry I haven't updated the blog for a while. Have been really busy getting RBID back into routine for 2012. I have a bunch of new clients as well as treasured existing clients which is fantastic!
Now, I know its not strictly in Banyule but I did go to visit friends in Hurstbridge recently who have just bought a great little 60's weatherboard & stone house. So much potential!! The existing living room has a great bluestone fireplace, solid timber paneling - and some slightly less great mock timber paneling. The timber windows and beams have a strong architectural presence in the interior and some of the light fittings are really fun!

We chatted about furniture styles & layout, artworks and internal paint colours and I came up with two paint colour schemes for them: 
Option 1 - Leave solid timber paneling natural, paint mock timber paneling in a mid-tone & paint beams dark

Option 2 - Paint solid timber paneling in a dark colour, paint mock timber paneling & leave beams natural.
I am leaning towards option 2 as I think there is something nice about the exposed timber beams relating to the timber window frames. Leave a comment and tell me which scheme you like best! 

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