Thursday 6 December 2012

Pinnaroo Pool

Flat roofed front elevation
In need of a bit of love and 'vision', this house at 9 Pinnaroo Court, Greensborough has an interesting floor plan. The house curves around the central pool, much like the way Peter McIntyre's 'Coil House' curves around two magnificent gum trees. 
Images & Floor plan courtesy Darren Jones Greensborough

Peter McIntyre's Coil House - 40 Keam Street, Ivanhoe

The house has a newly renovated kitchen which is pretty contemporary and the bathrooms have also been renovated. Price range is quoted at $450,000-500,000 - what a great entry level home with potential to renovate into something really retro & cool!

New Kitchen - Nice Profile Light
Pool needs a renovation but the courtyard has serious potential!


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