Thursday 10 April 2014

Corrong Caught

During my hiatus I was also contacted by Paul who was researching Merchant Builders Homes in the area. He brought this fantastic original example at 7 Corrong Court, Eltham to my attention and suggested I include it on the blog. Although its from the later part of the 20th Century it certainly holds true to the principles and elements that were breaking ground in the 50's & 60's, where as a lot of homes in the 80's were more interested in being 'mock' period in style.
Classic Merchant Builders style
Merchant Signatures - Exposed beams & bricks, timber lined ceilings, fireplace and lots of windows

All images courtesy Fletchers Real Estate


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    1. Hi Siri - thanks for reading! Hope to see you soon!? X

  2. Hey Renae, Love your blog.. Check this out....

    1. Hi Sophie - thanks for reading and enjoying my blog!
      Love the house in Eltham. Eltham isnt technically in Banyule (although Eltham North is) but sometimes I do include the more special homes on here!!