Thursday 15 May 2014

Hardy a Boyd Design

I was pretty excited to see Robin Boyd's Holford House c.1956 at 14 Hardy Terrace, Ivanhoe East come up for sale this week.  I actually had the chance to go through the house on one of the Robin Boyd Foundations Open Days back in 2010. It is one of Robin Boyd's famed courtyard houses - a layout which I absolutely love. It also has this great 'Parasol Roof' where the pavilions of the house have a flat roof that is sheltered by a floating skillion roof above. I presume this was to assist in drainage and insulation.

'Parasol' Roof
It seems like the internal room configuration has been played with a bit - as you can see by comparing these images from the State Library of Victoria's archives and the current real estate images. The kitchen has been moved from the entry, which I can understand the reasoning for, but unfortunately now when you enter the house via the courtyard you walk into a blank wall.  The original copper fireplace has also been moved from one end of the house to the other.

Image from the SLV archives - You can just see the kitchen to the entry and the copper hood of the fireplace inside.

Current sales photo from Nelson Alexander - Kitchen and Fireplace have been moved.
According the the Banyule City Councils Heritage Report of 2011 "Holford House
is of architectural, historic and aesthetic significance to the City of Banyule" so it would be great to see a Heritage Order placed on 14 Hardy Terrace if it hasn't already been. 
Distinctive Boyd Courtyard Plan

Rear elevation overlooking the Golf Course - Images courtesy Nelson Alexander Real Estate (unless noted)

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