Thursday 28 April 2011

Designs for Warrandyte

While not strictly in the 'Banyule' area I thought some of you locals might be interested in the Robin Boyd Foundations' "Designs for Warrandyte" open house day on Sunday 15th May 2011.

The open day will see 6 inspiring homes (5 designed by Robin Boyd and 1 designed by his father - painter Penleigh Boyd) throw open their doors to visitors. These are homes that were "designed for artists, houses designed in response to the landscape and bushfires. Clients and context were the principal concerns of Robin Boyd’s designs. Boyd designs reflect his client’s personality, circumstances and aspirations; together with a sensitive acknowledgment of the site’s landscape, vegetation and views."

I have visited the Inge & Grahame King house on a previous open day and I must say it is one of the warmest, most creatively inspiring homes I have ever been in. Obviously the interior is adorned with the sculptures & artworks of the Kings and their friends but the architecture does not compete with the decor at all, it gives the collections a feeling of cohesion. And then there is the studio, ahh to have a studio!!

Follow the link here to sign up or get more information.
House for Inge & Grahame King (1951), Warrandyte (image from RBF Website)

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