Thursday 14 April 2011

Ghost of Brown Street past..

Once upon a time there was a house on a corner block. His name was Brown and he was once a very dapper and handsome house, loved by his owners. When I got to know him he was very old and had suffered years of neglect. Still, you could see those strong bones and the shadow of the house he used to be. Rumour had it that he was architect designed, although no one quite remembers who by, but you can see parallels to the works of prominent Melbourne architects Mockeridge, Stahle, Mitchell.

Brown has now moved on to greener pastures, transported to the country side for retirement. His legacy will live on and each time I pass that corner block, I will see through the town house development that now stands there and I shall remember him. xx
Corner Facade - Great Colours!

Rear Elevation

View through to Kitchen

Racy Kitchen/Laundry!
Mockeridge Stahle Mitchell's Melbourne Grammar Boathouse - Passing Resemblance?

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