Wednesday 27 July 2011

High on a Hill....

Just before mid-century modernism there was Art Deco.... a style for which Ivanhoe is particularly renowned.

Sitting proudly on a corner and stretching out to the city view is 'Bukit Raja' at 2 St. Hubert Road, Ivanhoe East. For sale through Miles Real Estate, this once would have been an impressive Art Deco home with potential for amazing views. Sadly the upper extension has not been realised to the quality of the original building and the access is via a spiral staircase placed rather inconveniently in the main entry. Nevetheless, this house has amazing potential. M and I hope to check it over the weekend.... and buy a tatts ticket. 

What a fabulous project it would be!
Impressive at street level (all images courtesy Miles Real Estate)
'Bukit Raja' was apparently an estate town in the Klang district of Selangor, Malaysia housing an oil palm plantation. There were many managers from the UK - I wonder if they later relocated to Ivanhoe East?
Don't trip over the shag covered stair as you walk in!

Original kitchen layout

View to front Terrace - City to the Dandenongs view

Impressive Deco windows

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