Sunday 7 August 2011

Briar Hill Blues

Not many properties from the leafy borough of Briar Hill seem to make the Banyule Modern Blog. This 50's cottage at 15 Greenwood Street, Briar Hill (Darren Jones RE) seems to be in completely original condition! A little too original for most tastes but what a time capsule! I've included so many photos because, lets face it, on over 2000m2 of land, this humble houses' days are numbered...
Front Elevation
Verticlad Exterior
Worthy of a Masterchef?
Got the blues? Try some timber paneling..
Still got the blues? Better have a sit down then..

Try eating something, and if that doesn't work...

Have a lie down - try to sleep it off.
Tomorrow is a new day... (all images courtesy Darren Jones Real Estate)

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