Friday 2 March 2012

Such Great Heights

I went for a ride yesterday and took some of snapshots of my two favorite houses in my immediate area. Unfortunately(and possibly typical of me) they are both completely run down and over-grown 60's shacks with skillion roof. Embarrassingly, I think I thought they were the same house until a couple of weeks ago (they are one street apart and in roughly the same position) when i twigged that they were actually different colours.
The White House
Things I love about the White House: Great Chimney, Skillion Roof, Eave lining boards, Window proportions, Pergola over Entry, Recessed position on Block

Yellow House
Things I love about the Yellow House: Chimey, Skillion roof, Covered Entry (Hard to see much else!)

It just breaks my heart to see these two potential beauties fall into a state of disrepair. They could be the most modern houses in Heide Heights, if only I could get my little mits (and some serious cash) on them...

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