Friday 7 September 2012

Tranquil Winter is Over

Thank goodness Spring has sprung! Don't know about you but I really struggled with mood & motivation this Winter. It just seemed extra long and so dreary!! I am now excited about longer, warmer days, BBQ's with friends, working in the garden and on the house and - of course - the Spring property market! For those looking for a new nest, might I suggest 6 Tranquil Winter Court, Viewbank? Not sure when it was built - possibly 1980's? I'm keen to check it out over the weekend.
Fantastic Native Garden out front
Timber lined ceilings - I'm totally a sucker for those!

Stainless Steel bench tops - For the professional cooks out there - MR would love that.
A little Aztec inspired courtyard? Lots of great windows in the living areas.
All images courtesy Barry Plant Rosanna

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