Monday 15 October 2012

Wacky Bachli

Its been a while since my last post but Spring has kept me busy checking out lots of cool mid-century homes in Banyule. 

MR and i took a stroll through the Golf Links park over the sunny weekend and stopped off at the inspection for 6-8 Bachli Court, Rosanna.
All current images courtesy Hocking Stuart Ivanhoe
We had often wondered what the house's story was. Although parts of the home seemed in keeping with the merchant style of the golf links estate, others seemed out of step, almost castle-like with angles and forms that aren't familiar to mid-century architecture. After an opportunity to walk through the house and a review of the floorplan, it was clear that the rear section with upper floor had been added at a later time. Although the materials used in the addition were sympathetic, the reworked ground floor had a disorienting layout of rooms. 
Floor Plan Hocking Stuart
After a little research online, I managed to find that the original house (House 'A') was designed by feted architect Charles Duncan and built in 1968-69. The open fire in the living room is entirely reminiscent of the one at 27-35 Seymour Drive, Viewbank so I should have twigged! There are even some photographs taken by Peter Willie in the State Library Archives showing what the original house looked like. Below I have paired the State Library photos with the current sale campaign photos. As you can see, some fairly substantial additions and changes have been made over the years but in line with the materials and character of the original design.
Original entry - Single level dwelling with garage set back from entrance. Dark exterior colour scheme.
Current entry - Upper floor added, garage brought forward.
Original Living - Trademark Charles Duncan fireplace. Beams painted dark.
Current Living - Mantle added to fireplace(?) Beams painted light. Brick planter box to LHS fireplace has been removed.
Original Living - Brick dividing wall between living room and kitchen.
Original kitchen - Small basic original kitchen space.
Current Entry/Dining Area - Probably original kitchen area where current entrance table is. Brick dividing wall between living room and original kitchen has been removed.
Original Rear of Home - Single level dwelling only
Current Side of Home - Taken from an adjacent angle but it shows how the home has dramatically changed form over the years.
Current Family Room/Kitchen - Wacky angles but sympathetic material palette to original parts of the home.
Current Ensuite - Strange 'Speedboat Bath' in very open plan ensuite! - Sympathetic material palette.

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