Friday 27 April 2012

Achilles Heel

Well, trawling through the pages of has not turned up a great deal this week. I have been walking around the local area a fair bit though so stay tuned for some amateur photography work from me over the coming weeks. I will be attempting to post some images of local buildings that aren't necessary for sale, but have Mid Century appeal.

In the meantime, 16 Achilles Street Heidelberg West would be a foot in the door for those looking to get into their own home. (I think Heide Heights might be getting a bit groovy you know!) It kinda reminds me of the houses in England. It's not amazing (yet!) but it does have a rather sweet kitchen.

Images Ross Hunt Surrey Hills

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  1. I'm pleased to hear that somewhere in Banyule is getting more groovy!'s been a long time coming :) - I love Banyule but it's so white bread if you know what I mean.