Monday 23 April 2012

Moola Number 9

Last Winter, MR and I checked out a great 70's house in Yallambie and although I registered the connection at the time, I must have run out of time to blog about the house immediately next door at 9 Moola Close Yallambie. While it sold in October, I thought I would dip into the archives once again to show off this interesting house.
Strong architectural lines - Inside and Out
Cosy retro room!
Minus the frilly curtain you have a very 'Moderne' kitchen

Images Barry Plant Rosanna
I really do hope the new owners do not render this house!! At a push you could paint the brickwork, a finish used to great effect on Kathryn Tyler's Corkellis House in the UK - see image below.

Corkellis House - Linea Studio UK

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