Friday 20 April 2012

Sylvan Lining

One from the archives today! Don't know how I missed posting this Silver Gem at 2 Sylvan Court Ivanhoe late last year (holiday in Vietnam probably got in the way!) Now it's sold so it will be interesting to see what happens / has happened to this home now. 

Of Architectural interest though I would think? I love the muted grey tones of the brickwork.
Some sort of ballroom??
Kitchen Originale - More space for dancing between the benchtops!
Interesting lining boards to hallway - Images Hocking Stuart Ivanhoe


  1. I was in that street today and noticed this place. Can confirm that it's still there!

  2. Thanks Niki, I think houses of this era are starting to be coveted - even in more prestige areas like Ivanhoe. I might do a drive by myself sometime this week!