Wednesday 16 November 2011

Avarn a Go

4 Avarn Court Eltham is trademark Eltham style. It has been updated, but still has 
the bulk of original features.

(Images courtesy Barry Plant Eltham)

Tuesday 15 November 2011

More Knox on the market this week! 177 Progress Road Eltham was designed by Alistair Knox and built in 1970. It features his trademark solid materials of Robertson style bricks and exposed timber beams juxtaposed with extensive glazing. The idea of the 'Hearth' is central to Knox's designs and there are several fireplaces, flanked by terracotta floors and even original bathrooms (which have stood the test of time rather well - concealed cistern toilets and all!!)

(Images courtesy Barry Plant)

Monday 14 November 2011

Hillside Pad

There is a certain nostalgia for me in homes of the 80's. I think it was an era when my parents and their friends could finally afford to build their own homes - complete with a separate bedroom wing for the children, two living, and dining areas and of course: a bar.

 12 Hillside Road, Rosanna has that vibe in spades. With a bit of a 'do over', being careful not to obliterate the great qualities of this home, this could be one Hillside Pad. Just one thing I dont get; internal glazing??

(Images courtesy Miles Real Estate)

Friday 11 November 2011

Seymour Spectacular

What a spectacular property to finish the week on! Wow, wow, wow!! And MR and I thought our garden was big! Try 6.75 undulating acres including banks of the Plenty River. 

27-35 Seymour Grove Viewbank is a short walk from the Lower Plenty Hotel (but hey, don't let that disuade you!) It was designed in the 60's by architect Charles Duncan who was the winner of the Royal Australian Institute of Architects (Vic.) Single House award (1965 for 4 Glenard Drive, Heidelberg) and was also involved in the Elliston Estate, Rosanna).

This superb mid-century house features extensive glazing, Daniel Robertson style bricks, original slate floors and that double sided open fireplace. Think I'll go check it out this weekend! 
Perfectly sited in the landscape

Yes, that double sided open fireplace!! Floating hearth, slate floors. Fab.

(Images courtesy Morrison Kleeman Real Estate)

Thursday 10 November 2011

Bungay Idea?

Warning! Imagination required!! 11 Bungay Street Watsonia has been included for one reason really - those limed timber ceilings. I just love them. They could really make the whole home come to life with a new internal colour & finishes scheme that has a little bit of a nod to mid-century style...maybe even some slate floors, new fireplace...

(Images courtesy Buckingham & Co)

Wednesday 9 November 2011

Darvall Dilemma

20 Darvall Street Rosanna has a few more angles than I personally go for, but it is architect designed, makes good use of the Northern aspect of the block and has an indigenous garden. Ahh the 80's....!

(Images courtesy Miles Real Estate)

Tuesday 8 November 2011

Pleasant Paint Job

I confess, I like the dark side... so when I saw this timber clad beauty swathed in black paint at 56 Mount Pleasant Road Eltham, I was sold. To add to its external charms, the open fireplace and polished concrete floors internally. According to the add it also boasts Alistair Knox design and Monsalvat location.


(Images courtesy Morrison Kleeman Real Estate)

Friday 4 November 2011

What a View!

Another fantastic 50's vintage property this week - 14 View Road, Lower Plenty. Sprawling over a huge block (4676sqm) there is plenty of room to indulge your vintage car collection, compulsive retro furniture collection or simply let your mob run free. It even has a pool (joy!).

(Images courtesy Morrison Kleeman Real Estate)

Thursday 3 November 2011

Wyalla Court

Wyalla Court, Ivanhoe
Went for a walk yesterday afternoon and spied this gorgeous block of units at 18 Carmichael Street, Ivanhoe East. There is great house coming up tomorrow so stay tuned!

Wednesday 2 November 2011

Alexandra the Great

Fantastic elevated front rooms
It's been a few weeks since a really exciting mid-century modern property has been listed so I gave a little 'woop woop' when I saw this 1957 beauty at 10 Alexandra Street Greensborough. It's in fairly original condition too which is fantastic.

Original 50's copper fire hood

(All images courtesy Fletchers Real Estate)

Friday 28 October 2011

A little more about Elliston Estate Rosanna

Yesterday I revealed my crush on Cremlin Court but today I thought I would post a little more information about Elliston Estate. It was actually named after the landscape designer Ellis Stones and includes the following streets;
Bachli, Cremin, Ferrier, Pickworth, Hartley, Nagle and Devlin Courts; Stanton, Crampton, Phillips and Von Nida Crescents; the west side of Finlayson Street; and Thompson Drive(all Rosanna)
Elliston Estate - now Rosanna Parklands

From Heritage Victoria:
Merchant Builders assembled a consultant team of award winning domestic architects in the domestic field to design 50 basic house plans. Each purchaser would work with the architect to achieve personal design requirements as amendments to the basic plan. Materials were limited to a specified range.

The architects consulted were:
* Charles Duncan (winner of the Royal Australian Institute of Architects (Vic.) Single House award for 1965 for the Williams House, 4 Glenard Drive, Heidelberg)
* Daryl Jackson and Evan Walker (later to win the RAIA (Vic.) Bronze Medal in 1970 for Lauriston Girls School, Malvern).
* David McGlashan and Neil Everist (winners of the RAIA (Vic.) 1968 Bronze Medal for the Reed House (Heide), Bulleen).
* Graeme C. Gunn (winner of RAIA (Vic.) Single House Award for 1966).

Merchant Building Pty Ltd's own landscape designer and Ivanhoe resident, Ellis Stones, created the general landscape concept and consulted with individual house owners on detailed design of the front gardens. The estate was named after him. The name of the adjacent open space has been changed from Ellison Park to Rosanna Parklands.

For this estate and for earlier smaller concepts, Merchant Builders Pty Ltd was given the RAIA (Vic.) Bronze Medal in the Robin Boyd Environment Award of 1972. Unfortunately Merchant Builders' involvement at Elliston was terminated in 1971 and the rest of the estate was sold for speculative development.

"The principal design philosophy for (Elliston) estate was the integration of the building and architectural professions to provide an integrated residential environment. Limited heterogeneity was stressed with personal home owner identity being expressed by house plan and finish selection, within a given framework. Housing estates in Columbia, Valencia and Reston in the United States and New Ash Green in England were cited as international precedents.

Ellis Stones stated the landscape philosophy ... 'Existing trees in the estate will be left wherever possible ... and any new trees planted will be native Australian trees. It will be a very informal design with no formal flower beds. The landscape must be strong and simple with one continuous flowing feeling.'

The concept embodied by Ellis Stones and the consulting architects was also not dissimilar to Walter Burley Griffin and Frank Lloyd Wright's planning philosophies, emphasising integration of built form and landscape. Full height glazing and courtyards were intended to integrate interior and exterior. The desire to eliminate footpaths by extending the united front garden to the kerb, relates to residential planning designs by Burley Griffin who conceived that front gardens should be communal parks to soften the impact of the built form as viewed from the road.
The cul-de-sac street form, limited materials and design choice, integrated with architect consultation and a limited range of materials were also concepts embodied in the Jennings' Beaumont Estate of 30 years before.
Natural stained finishes, clinker bricks and heavy beams continued the Wright influence at Elliston, which had been popularised in Victoria by Charles Duncan. The vogue for private courtyards, either fully or semi enclosed, was another repeating theme. Additional features embodied into the design of dwellings include wide overhanging eaves, pergolas or slatted sunshades, and full height windows facing north."

Thursday 27 October 2011

Cremlin Crush

I must admit I have a crush on 3 Cremlin Court Rosanna. I have a crush on the whole Merchant Builders Elliston Estate really. 

"The Elliston Estate is representative of the prevailing town planning and the architectural ideals of the late 1960s which aimed to integrate the private or personal living environment into a broader community context. This has been effectively achieved at Elliston where the estate layout, creekside public open space, Australian native landscape and the reticulation of services have been combined to create a visually harmonious communal environment."

(Images courtesy Miles Real Estate)
Now I think the less said about the updated interior the better at this point but the house is sited beautifully in the bush garden, taking full advantage of the Northern aspect in the living spaces. It also boasts solar electricity and a rainwater tank making it a very sustainable package.

Wednesday 26 October 2011

Flashback Fashion Stakes for Cup Day

While I require very little prompting on the subject, I thought these gorgeous images shot by Jaclyn Adams, styled by Kate Gaskin and featured in the Melbourne Magazine (The Age) earlier this year might provide a little 70's inspiration for this upcoming spring racing carnival. We are finally getting some gorgeous weather so make hay while the sun shines! 

I admit the fantastic BoydBaker house in Bacchus Marsh almost steals the show in these photographs, but for those living in 'Banyule Modern' homes - Get frocked up, fire up the cocktails and have a fantastic Melbourne Cup Weekend! 

Tuesday 25 October 2011

Tip Top Tamboon

Okay, so I couldn't think of something witty for the title for 53 Tamboon Drive Eltham but I am pretty confident this little house has some tip-top bones (underneath the brown shag pile carpet!!). But I also may have lost my mind trawling the suburbs for gems! 

 The living spaces are all orientated to the North / North West side of the house, there are heaps of bedrooms and the external facade has some great 70's style. I mean if you are going to have a carport on a sloping site - this is the way to do it!

(Images courtesy Fletchers Real Estate)

Monday 24 October 2011

Sibbel Garden Open

From time to time Sibbel Homes such as this one come up for sale in the Banyule area. The founder and namesake of the company, Meyer Sibbel and his wife have since moved to Healesville where they have built a home much more in the Australian vernacular with a native garden to match. This weekend the Sibbel's are opening their garden as part of the Open Gardens Australia program. Check out details here or below if you are keen to head along!

Friday 21 October 2011

Ely Ely

Ok, so 15 Ely Street Eltham is actually a new house but it has certainly been influenced by the aesthetics and principles of mid-century design. Great use of timber externally and inside it looks light and simple. The agents are quoting $690,000-$780,000 which is either dramatically under quoted or a bargain!

Fantastic Views and contemporary kitchen design
Love that bedroom window - great proportions!

Perfect for Summer - All images courtesy Barry Plant

Thursday 20 October 2011

Mervyn and Shakin'

This unit at 4/1 Mervyn Crescent Ivanhoe is a bit of a time capsule of the 60's era! With 3 bedrooms and a fantastic location, it would be the perfect first 'mid-century' home for those out there house hunting!

(Images courtesy Miles Real Estate)