Friday 30 March 2012

Potential potential

Achh okayyy, I've been slack with Banyule Modern lately. 'Busy-with-other-things-slack', but slack all the same! To be honest, I didn't really think anyone was reading this but my husband and maybe my mum occasionally, but lately I have had some awesome interactions with BM readers and so I feel a bit guilty about going off the air for a coupla weeks. I have not been doing right by the potentially fabulous mid-cent homes in the greater Banyule area!!

So back to it today, and the next week and the week after etal...

Kicking off with a potentially full of potential house at 422 Lower Plenty Road, Viewbank. (Anything that just has one picture and is slated for development usually gets my heart racing). It doesn't seem to be open for inspection but I might just check it out...
(Image courtesy Hocking Stuart Ivanhoe)

Friday 9 March 2012

Alistair Knox 'Twins'

Two impressive properties are currently up for sale designed and built by the late, great Alistair Knox. While not strictly falling into the 'Mid-century Modern' category, the use of natural or 'raw' materials and response to site have a relationship to the principles of Modernist design. These two homes are so similar - each with overscale timbers, recycled brick floors, mudbrick walls and generously proportioned spaces. You can read more about Alistair Knox here.

(All images courtesy Morrison Kleeman Real Estate)

(All images courtesy Morrison Kleeman Real Estate)

Thursday 8 March 2012

Lovely Locksley

I have trawled through the RE pages today and there is just not much on the market in the Banyule area that exhudes 50's / 60's style :(

I did however find this little beauty at 6/53-55 Locksley Rd, Ivanhoe. It is pre-modern as it was built in the 1930's but it has great character about it and an interesting garden.

Mad about those green splashback tiles! so 'Heath Ceramics'!
(All images courtesy Miles Real Estate)

Friday 2 March 2012

Such Great Heights

I went for a ride yesterday and took some of snapshots of my two favorite houses in my immediate area. Unfortunately(and possibly typical of me) they are both completely run down and over-grown 60's shacks with skillion roof. Embarrassingly, I think I thought they were the same house until a couple of weeks ago (they are one street apart and in roughly the same position) when i twigged that they were actually different colours.
The White House
Things I love about the White House: Great Chimney, Skillion Roof, Eave lining boards, Window proportions, Pergola over Entry, Recessed position on Block

Yellow House
Things I love about the Yellow House: Chimey, Skillion roof, Covered Entry (Hard to see much else!)

It just breaks my heart to see these two potential beauties fall into a state of disrepair. They could be the most modern houses in Heide Heights, if only I could get my little mits (and some serious cash) on them...

Thursday 1 March 2012

RBID blog launch

In a fit of insanity, last week I started a new blog for my business - RBID. This new blog is going to showcase more of my work and serve as a more creative outlet for me. You can follow my adventures here...