Friday 11 July 2014

Canberra Colour Cookoff

Original Kitchen - Timber Lined Ceilings
Lining Boards to Dining/Kitchen Wall
Original Entry Cupboards with Lining Boards
Recently I've been working on a kitchen renovation in Canberra. The house is a fabulous 1960's Bill Batt designed home, largely in original condition. I wasn't familiar with Bill Batt prior to taking this job and there is little about him online, but he was the University Architect at ANU sometime around 1959 (please do shoot me an email if you have any additional info about Bill Batt as myself and the clients would be keen to learn more about him). The clients were keen to rework the kitchen to retain several of the key characteristics of the original interior design such as the beautiful timber lined ceilings and timber paneling in the entry, which I was more than enthusiastic about. I was also keen to design a kitchen that would have some Mid-Century qualities about it. As we were working remotely (i.e. me in Melbourne, the clients in Canberra) I used photoshop to render up my ideas for design and finishes. This is a great tool to communicate your 'vision' for a space and makes it easy to tweek the layout and materials as the design process unfolds. We did lots of options on this job and even though we were just working with freehand sketches, the clients found it really easy to picture the suggested colours and materials in their space. 

Stay tuned for completed pics on my other blog for RBID...

Thursday 10 July 2014

The Main Event

This one's been sitting on my desktop for a few weeks - 397 Main Road Montmorency recently sold. I think it probably looks more old fashioned in its current state that it did when it was built! Plenty of scope to make 'Modern' here - removing the lace curtains and Rinnai wall furnace would be a strong start...
New window coverings and a gas log fire would make a huge improvement.
Love the original kitchen splashback tiles! Existing Modern streamlined layout. Anyone else remember those 'still life' photos from the 70/80's?
Front elevation looks great - All images courtesy Nelson Alexander RE Ivanhoe

Tuesday 8 July 2014

Panorama Baby!

Front facade - clad in Shingles (?)
I'm more than a little intrigued by this property at 9 The Panorama Eaglemont. Not much info online but it looks like its got some great 70's joinery in it!

Louvered internal doors and groovy open shelving divider
Timber paneling on kitchen wall - and LOVE the aluminium lights
Bathroom pic looks like it was taken in the 70's! All images courtesy Century 21 Real Estate