Friday 14 September 2012

Melcombe & Me

I have walked past this home at 25 Melcombe Road, Ivanhoe for many years and love its Modern lines - It's a little more Deco than what I usually go for but I'm sure it appeals to people of many differing tastes. It has been updated in many areas internally but great to see the original bathroom has been left as a showpiece.
Classic exterior - Love the old garages too!
Original Deco fireplace
Original Bathroom

All images courtesy Miles Real Estate

Thursday 13 September 2012

Starlings of Spring

I know re-development is a complex & controversial topic - I live in Heidelberg Heights where it seems an old house falls to be replaced by three cheap and poorly designed townhouses on a weekly basis. Montmorency is another nearby community that is struggling with developers. I certainly don't have an issue with tearing down poor quality older homes, or with increasing the density of living in our suburbs, but I do take issue with the quality of housing that is really being 'thrown up' in its place. I mean it's 2012 - surely by now we should be building houses to the solar orientation of each block and able to build homes with almost zero building waste??
Development currently for sale in Heidelberg Heights

Anyway, this post wasn't meant to turn into a rant, I was simply going to mention that the rendering for the new homes at 39 Starling Street Montmorency looks interesting. Nice to see a contemporary development with a little design integrity and quality materials - at least externally.
Image courtesy Enrichment Property Group Eltham

Monday 10 September 2012

Laurel & Hardy

Okay so this is a brand new house but... it looks amazing and has certainly taken some cue's from Modernist ideals - particularly the front facade & materials. Great bathrooms & kitchen too. Not to mention the view over the Ivanhoe Golf Course!!
16 Hardy Terrace, Ivanhoe East is for sale through Jellis Craig Ivanhoe and brought to you today by Jealous Renae.
Yes, that is a little bridge to get from the pedestrian path to the front door!
Carrara marble & timber kitchen - Nice & simple
Living areas with that view!
Beautiful elegant simple bathroom
All images courtesy Jellis Craig Ivanhoe

Friday 7 September 2012

Tranquil Winter is Over

Thank goodness Spring has sprung! Don't know about you but I really struggled with mood & motivation this Winter. It just seemed extra long and so dreary!! I am now excited about longer, warmer days, BBQ's with friends, working in the garden and on the house and - of course - the Spring property market! For those looking for a new nest, might I suggest 6 Tranquil Winter Court, Viewbank? Not sure when it was built - possibly 1980's? I'm keen to check it out over the weekend.
Fantastic Native Garden out front
Timber lined ceilings - I'm totally a sucker for those!

Stainless Steel bench tops - For the professional cooks out there - MR would love that.
A little Aztec inspired courtyard? Lots of great windows in the living areas.
All images courtesy Barry Plant Rosanna

Thursday 6 September 2012

Monday 3 September 2012

Wyalla Court Opening

I originally blogged about this great looking apartment block in Ivanhoe East late last year. Now there is an apartment for sale at 7/18 Carmichael Street, Ivanhoe East and it looks as fantastic on the inside as it does on the outside!! It always looks so great decorating inside in a style that suits the house externally. Love it.
Great living room!

Great furniture & artwork too!
All images courtesy Miles Real Estate