Monday 30 April 2012

Bayside Daaaahling!

For many years I did the commute to Brighton on a daily basis. While all the driving did eventually send me mental, it did give me the opportunity to work on some really great Mid Century buildings with clients who were equally passionate about the era. 

According to the council website, 'Bayside features a number of the most important examples of Modernist architecture in Melbourne' and while we hate to admit it here in the northern suburbs, Beaumaris does have some mid-century modern beauties. The majority of the Bayside City Council area is a wealthy area which unfortunately means 'development' and it was realised a lot of the original 50's and 60's buildings in the area were being demolished or renovated beyond recognition. Wisely, passionate residents and the council banded together to compile numerous heritage studies and many significant buildings of the era now have full heritage protection.
Cover of fantastic booklet available from Bayside City Council
The Bayside City Council also publish this great little booklet covering their buildings of architectural significance from the 1850's to the present day. If you are interested in learning a bit more, or going on an exploratory walk (or drive), I can certainly recommend the 'Bayside Architectural Trail' booklet available in hard copy from the council here or online version here. Happy trails!

Friday 27 April 2012

Achilles Heel

Well, trawling through the pages of has not turned up a great deal this week. I have been walking around the local area a fair bit though so stay tuned for some amateur photography work from me over the coming weeks. I will be attempting to post some images of local buildings that aren't necessary for sale, but have Mid Century appeal.

In the meantime, 16 Achilles Street Heidelberg West would be a foot in the door for those looking to get into their own home. (I think Heide Heights might be getting a bit groovy you know!) It kinda reminds me of the houses in England. It's not amazing (yet!) but it does have a rather sweet kitchen.

Images Ross Hunt Surrey Hills

Tuesday 24 April 2012

Back Dated

I was really quite distraught when MR sent me the link to 19 Longstaff Street Ivanhoe East. While the description reads 'tastefully updated' I couldn't help crying out its 'Back Dated' NOT UPDATED!!

In the 1950's & 1960's architects and designers were doing away with excessive embellishments. While the rations and restrictions of WWII had been lifted, the way we designed buildings and used materials had changed forever. There was a sense of creative freedom and the optimism of the post-war era was celebrated across the arts. It meant new buildings were free from the shackles of traditional decorative elements like stained glass windows, ceiling roses, timber mantel pieces, dado paneling and swags and tail drapery. Yet at Longstaff Street we seem them creeping back in and its wrong, wrong, wrong! Rather than looking rich and opulent as they would in a classic Victorian home, the interiors look like spartan and unfinished. This is because the 1960's proportions of the rooms, the ceiling heights and the windows all work against the interior decor which is designed for smaller, darker rooms with higher ceilings with ornate cornicing and smaller, draftier windows.
Images Miles Real Estate
I won't include more interior photos here because, well frankly, its too upsetting for me! But I hope that the new owners can breathe some new life into this home. Peel off the layers that are aging it un-gracefully and reveal (and celebrate) the modern young building within.

Monday 23 April 2012

The King of Buckingham

Recently I was reminded of this amazing house at 79-81 Buckingham Drive Heidelberg that came up for sale in October 2009. Unfortunately I didn't go to see it at the time but I remember how spectacular it looked when I saw it online. The rooms are spread over 3 luxurious levels, and include plenty of undercover parking, 5 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms and a inground pool with cabana. It was designed by Building Designer/Architect Sol Sapir and built in 1971.

I have a hazy recollection that it may have been used in the telemovie 'The King' about Graham Kennedy and starring Stephen Curry. Please feel free to confirm or deny in the comments if you saw the movie or can vouch for the rumor!

Fantastic to see a home of this vintage updated sympathetically. This is exactly what we love to see at Banyule Modern!!
Images Jellis Craig Real Estate

Moola Number 9

Last Winter, MR and I checked out a great 70's house in Yallambie and although I registered the connection at the time, I must have run out of time to blog about the house immediately next door at 9 Moola Close Yallambie. While it sold in October, I thought I would dip into the archives once again to show off this interesting house.
Strong architectural lines - Inside and Out
Cosy retro room!
Minus the frilly curtain you have a very 'Moderne' kitchen

Images Barry Plant Rosanna
I really do hope the new owners do not render this house!! At a push you could paint the brickwork, a finish used to great effect on Kathryn Tyler's Corkellis House in the UK - see image below.

Corkellis House - Linea Studio UK

Friday 20 April 2012

Sylvan Lining

One from the archives today! Don't know how I missed posting this Silver Gem at 2 Sylvan Court Ivanhoe late last year (holiday in Vietnam probably got in the way!) Now it's sold so it will be interesting to see what happens / has happened to this home now. 

Of Architectural interest though I would think? I love the muted grey tones of the brickwork.
Some sort of ballroom??
Kitchen Originale - More space for dancing between the benchtops!
Interesting lining boards to hallway - Images Hocking Stuart Ivanhoe

Thursday 19 April 2012

Whoa Nelly

Another little gem in Greensy! 34 Nell Street Greensborough has been on the market for some time but finally seems to be under offer (sorry folks, a bit slow on this one). Love the articulated facade - no flat square box here.

Images Hocking Stuart Greensborough

Phat Lip

A little shout out to our friends Julian & Tammy at Lip Cafe at 226 Waterdale Road, Ivanhoe. They have amazing coffee and food and this week it has been written up in The Age Epicure. You might want to check it out before it gets crazy busy! Save me a Macaroon....

Delicious Macaroons - House Made Daily at Lip Cafe

Wednesday 18 April 2012

One for Miss Rosanna

This must be one of Greensborough's more interesting homes - 89 Hailes Street, Greensborough is for the Deco lovers out there. I know there are a few of them including Miss Rosanna! (p.s. If you live in the Banyule area you really should check out her fantastic Blog). 
(All images Hocking Stuart Greensborough)
Yep - you know I like a good fireplace! This one looks like varnished bricks - good rich colour - and a mesh curtain to control sparks.
The bigger picture - Fantastic sized room and lovely light pouring in through those curved windows!
Light and Airy - Great access to rear deck.

 This house could look even more fabulous with a slightly more dramatic colour scheme and what I call 'Hollywood Style' landscaping (think green leafy Strelizias, Monsterias and Agave's). 

I worked on a similar style home in Beaumaris a couple of years ago whilst at Austin Design Associates and it transformed the house from a peachy nothing to a house with real 'wow' factor.

Tuesday 17 April 2012

Greenhills are alive!

I haven't posted a property in Greenhills before so this home at 82 Albion Crescent, Greensborough/Greenhills is the first. And its a pretty good one to kick off with.

 Oh I do love a light and happy living area and a dark and moody bedroom!

Images courtesy Morrison Kleeman

Monday 16 April 2012

Heidelberg Beginner

(images courtesy Ray White Heidelberg)

I thought this unit at 4/18-20 Rosanna Road, Heidelberg would be a goodie for first home buyers. It's getting pretty tough to buy a house as your first foray into home ownership but this tidy little retro unit has direct access to parklands behind giving you the feeling of a lot more space than what is on the title (and you don't need to mow the park!!)

Potential grooviness in kitchen - just add some colour to the walls!

secret garden / access to parklands

Friday 13 April 2012

Dood, Where's my House..? Part 2

I think I might need to jump in the car this weekend and check out a few houses - including this one at 8 Doodson Court, Eltham. Back in August last year I featured number 9, which I presume is next door (being a court). It has great features and a classic material palette but above all, it just seems to have a great 'feel' about it.

Kitchen LOVE!!

Great Slate Floors, Timber Lining Boards & Exposed Brickwork

Images courtesy Fletchers Real Estate

Thursday 12 April 2012

Wild Cherry

After a few bracingly cold and wet days over Easter, my attention is naturally drawn to this very cosy looking home at 1 Wild Cherry Drive, Eltham. This house is LARGE on a LARGE piece of land and very grown up with a master bedroom complete with full ensuite and walk in robe. It has formal dining and living areas (the good rooms!). My favourite feature is the fireplace, oh the fireplace! It even has one of those downpipe chain thingies that I like. Please leave me a comment if you know what those thingies are called!!

Kitchen could do with some work - I know a good designer!

(all images & plan courtesy Ray White Greensborough)

Tuesday 10 April 2012

Wanna Stay @ Wynstay

My friend T and I love this house at 15 Wynstay Crescent, Ivanhoe. 'Nuff said..

I really love the sailboat with the paper light fittings!

(All images Courtesy Barry Plant Ivanhoe)